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why we're looking forward to toy story 3

Why we're looking forward to Toy Story 3

In the UK, Toy Story 3 is due to hit the big screen on the 23rd July 2010, which is a long period of time to wait for many people, especially children. Toy Story 3 is all set to become one of the biggest children's movies of 2010, which is in no small part due to the fact that its predecessors were so successful. Following the adventures of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Lotso, Sergeant, Rex the Green Dinosaur, Ken, Barbie, Mr. Potato Head, Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl and many other amusing characters, Toy Story 3 builds upon the success of the previous two Toy Story films, of which Toy Story 2 was nominated for an Oscar and is generally regarded as the better movie. Thus, parents need to brace themselves for another round of Toy Story mania in the summer of 2010.

The basic plot of the Toy Story 3 movie will involve Woody, Buzz Lightyear and co., finding themselves without an owner, as Andy has grown up and moved to college. Worse still, the adorable toys have been dumped in a nursery. Accordingly, Toy Story 3 is likely to live up to its tagline in so much as "no toy gets left behind", which is the sort of witty play on words that has come to be expected of the Toy Story franchise. Indeed, the movie series is as much a treat for adults as it is for children and many of the jokes and situational comedy sketches hinge on issues to which adults can easily relate. Undoubtedly, the additional layer of comedy served to adults helps to keep interest among grown-ups alive whilst their children watch on in amazement, often oblivious to the movies' delicate subtext. In this respect, Toy Story 3 is expected to offer the same level of adult humour in addition to the more obvious snippets of fun designed for children.

Another reason why Toy Story 3 is eagerly anticipated is that the movie's impressive cast features a host of top Hollywood actors. Indeed, the voice of Woody is provided once again by two-time Oscar winner, Tom Hanks, whilst Golden Globe winner Tim Allen is the man behind the voice of Buzz Lightyear, who is the favourite Toy Story character for many children. Joan Cusack (Jessie), Michael Keaton (Ken) and Timothy Dalton (Mr. Pricklepants) are other notable Toy Story 3 actors, whilst Whoopi Goldberg, Bonnie Hunt, Wallace Shawn and Laurie Metcalf also provide their considerable expertise. As such, Toy Story 3 is likely to feature a similar brand of witty dialogue as enjoyed in the earlier films and which will be delivered by Hollywood heavyweights whose presence behind the scenes is expected to shine through the animation.

However, the most basic and obvious reason why so many people are looking forward to Toy Story 3 is that the movie comprises characters that are sharp, funny and highly entertaining. In the previous two Toy Story movies, the fast-paced animated action, edge-of-the-seat adventures and comical interplay between the characters were enough to make them extremely popular amongst both adults and children. Although Toy Story 3 will feature a different writer (Michael Arndt) and director (Lee Unkrich) from those who worked on the earlier movies, the plot of the third movie follows a similar theme to its predecessors and the technology behind the animation has only improved since the original Toy Story movie was produced. Ultimately, Toy Story 3 is a must-see movie in 2010.