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Is Lego as much fun today as it's always been?

It is estimated by the makers of Lego that over the years they have manufactured so many bricks that every person in the world could own sixty two pieces each! That certainly is a lot of Lego pieces! However, quantity does not always mean quality and given the technologically advanced society we live in today, can Lego compete and is Lego as much fun today as it has always been?

Lego was first made by Ole Kirk Christiansen in Denmark in 1949. Ole Kirk Christiansen was once a manufacturer of wooden toys, however, after seeing a sample piece of 'Kiddicraft Self-Locking Bricks' he was so inspired that he switched to plastic toys and (heavily influenced by the Kiddicraft product) started to manufacture plastic bricks which stuck together when building and playing with them but could be then be taken apart again (calling them "Automatic Binding Bricks"). The Lego bricks underwent some design modification, until eventually in 1958 the design of the Lego pieces we use today was patented.

The USP (unique selling point) of Lego is definitely its universal design and adaptability. Despite being over fifty years old, the bricks which were made in the late fifties are still compatible with pieces manufactured today. One of the main reasons why Lego was - and is - so popular is its ability to engage and encourage children (and adults) to use their imagination. The Lego bricks can be made in to pretty much anything, so the toy itself is always changing. The Lego pieces are robust and versatile, they do not break and can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Lego transcends gender, race, age and time. Indeed, over the years Lego has managed to keep itself relevant to current trends by creating special editions which will appeal to more specific markets. Upping the fun factor, Lego produced Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Toy Story, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Harry Potter, Atlantis, Pirate and Ben 10 special addition sets. Lego sets have also been manufactured in Thomas the Tank Engine, Duplo sets, zoo and train sets and Lego sets for girls which come in pink cases, with the bricks in more girly colours and also a 'Belville girls Range'.

In keeping with modern trends and market advances Lego have also developed a range of Lego board games, whereby you can build the game, then play it. With additional options to change the rules as you go along - Ramses Pyramid and Minotaurus are very popular.

Lego have expanded into computer games as well, especially to compliment their Indiana Jones series. Mindstorms and Bionicle sets have seen Lego expand into robotics, using the latest in colour and light sensor technology.

Of course there are also the world famous extremely popular Lego theme parks, where you can see some amazing and wondrous sights. Lego really is so much fun as there really is no end to the scope of things you can make out of it! James May (from TV's Top Gear) even managed to make a complete house out of Lego (including a toilet!).

The fact that Lego is so popular just proves how much fun it really is - was and has always been! Indeed, Lego has even been voted Toy of the Century - twice!