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dora the explorer

A Guide To Dora The Explorer For Parents

Dora the Explorer is the phenomenally popular American TV series which airs on Nickelodeon (and Nick Jr). The Dora the Explorer animated TV series has been on our screens since 2000 and was created by Eric Weiner, Chris Gifford, Rick Velleu and Valerie Walsh. During each episode Dora, with the help of viewers, her trusty sidekick Boots the monkey and her all singing ' map', complete a series of tasks or puzzles which stand in the way of her reaching her destination - by completing them Dora finds what she has been looking for or manages to help someone out in the process.

Dora Marquez is a very active, outdoorsy, sporty, Latino girl. She is bound by family traditions, loves sports, deeply cares for others, has great patience and never gets angry. The episodes of Dora the Explorer often follow a similar pattern. Dora and Boots set off on a trip and usually have to complete three tasks or go to three locations to get to their destination. Along the way they will encounter Swiper the Fox, some of Dora's friends and make use of the 'Map' and explore items in Dora's backpack. Dora uses both English and Spanish throughout the episodes, allowing viewers and Boots the monkey to learn simple Spanish phrases.

Dora the Explorer TV series sees Dora accompanied on her adventures by her friends. They include;

The Map - The talking Map lives inside Dora's Backpack and only appears if the viewers help coax it out with Dora when she asks it to come out. When it does, it does so to its own song and helps Dora plan her journey.

Backpack - Dora's distinctive backpack is a purple colour with a smiley friendly face. The Backpack - a gift from Dora's parents - is like a magical tardis and can house items much larger than its visible space. When items are needed from the Backpack, viewers must help Dora to get them by saying 'Backpack'. The Backpack then does a little song and gives viewers the choice to pick the item Dora needs.

Boots the Monkey - Boots, so called because all he wears are red boots, is Dora's best friend who accompanies her on her adventures. Although very plucky, sporty and energetic, Boots often need Dora's (or the viewers') guidance to make the right choices.

Swiper the Fox - Swiper is the villain - although he very rarely gets away with anything! He appears in every episode at some point and tries to steal (swipe) something. Dora prevents him from swiping anything by saying "Swiper, no Swiping" repeatedly till he utters his catchphrase "Oh Man" and goes off, empty handed.

Fiesta Trio - are a group of three animals who play music throughout the show, they comprise of a grasshopper, snail and frog.

Isa the Iguana - Isa is a gardener who is friends with Dora and Boots, she is often on hand to help out with tasks. Additionally, other regularly appearing characters are Tico the Squirrel and Benny the Bull.

Dora the Explorer is shown worldwide - always encompassing a bi-lingual element. There is a vast range of Dora the Explorer merchandise available - from costumes to video games, books to films, bed clothes and DVDs. There is also a spin off series featuring Dora's cousin Diego, called Go Diego Go!. Plans have recently been revealed for a 'tween-ager' Dora series.