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why do children love peppa pig?

Why Do Children Love Peppa Pig?

Peppa Pig is an adorable animated character from the hit television series of the same name, which can be viewed in the UK on the popular children's television station, Nick Jr. The series predominantly features Peppa Pig, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and George, who is Peppa's young brother. Other notable characters in the show include Grandpa Pig, Granny Pig, Uncle Pig, Auntie Pig, Chloe and Alexander, whilst a host of others such as Danny Dog, Rebecca Rabbit and Zoe Zebra also gain attention every so often. The hit series is immensely popular with both children and adults alike, largely because a diverse range of jokes and comedic situations are played out to an intentionally broad audience. However, in respect to the show's main target audience, there are plenty of reasons why children love Peppa Pig as much as they do.

Naturally, the first most obvious reason is that the characters are extremely funny. In particular, Daddy Pig regularly makes a fool of himself - much to the delight of Mummy Pig. Indeed, the level of interplay between these two pivotal characters is of great amusement to children, whilst adults can also relate to many of their scenes together. Specifically, Daddy Pig's calamitous efforts to hang a picture on the wall, his inability to read a map correctly and the numerous instances in which he becomes grumpy at the realisation of his own ineptitude are key to the humorous dynamic that exists between himself and Mummy Pig, who is seemingly incapable of letting her pig of a husband make such mistakes without comment.

Grandpa Pig is another character that both children and adults find amusing, not least because he interacts with Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig in a rather comical and believable fashion. Aside from the senior characters of the show, George is a favourite with children because he is essentially very cute and highly entertaining. In fact, George's fascination with dinosaurs, occasional "ROARRR!", inability to correctly pronounce 'dinosaur' (he calls it "DINE-SOR") and frequent teary outbursts are more than enough to conjure smiles aplenty amongst children. Nevertheless, Peppa Pig herself is arguably the most popular character on the show, despite her somewhat bossy and overbearing personality.

Another reason why children find Peppa Pig so enjoyable is that it is based upon a simple yet lively format. Each show features an issue, event or happening that is fairly basic in concept but which is quickly explored in depth to lead to a favourable and usually funny outcome. Moreover, the Peppa Pig show itself comprises very short episodes of approximately five minutes each, so the stories are kept alive - and the kids kept interested - by its naturally fast pace. However, no matter how energetic or funny a Peppa Pig storyline happens to be, it is almost always made more enjoyable for young children when the cheery family of pigs jump around in muddy puddles.

In respect to the merchandise related to the television show, children tend to love all things Peppa Pig, including plastic play sets, soft toys, books, jig-saws and other such interactive games. Peppa Pig DVDs are also popular purchases for children, whilst Peppa Pig themed curtains and bed sets are received equally well. In addition to these top toys, Peppa Pig computer games provide plenty of interactive entertainment for children. However, perhaps the most enjoyable of all Peppa Pig related merchandise is the branded pair of wellies, perfect for splashing in those muddy puddles!